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ALULA Launched

Richard Zhang Last Updated: 16 March 2023


We've launched ALULA, an AI-powered ESL teaching system.

ALULA is an autonomous teaching system that teaches English grammar, conversation skills, and vocabulary by using AI and NLP (natural language processing), without any human input. How it is different from traditional language apps is that it helps students improve their fluency by prompting them to speak to a Virtual English Tutor, a computerized tutor. ALULA Virtual English Tutor uses the latest AI technologies to analyze and understand student input, giving them an appropriate feedback.

In this way, ALULA goes beyond traditional exercises in language mastery, such as fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choices, ordering words, and so on. ALULA enables students to generate language, similar to how an actual language teacher encourages students to express her/his opinions during a language class.

For a recent immigrant or an international student, a good conversation partner is hard to find. Language classes and private language tutors are very useful, but they cost a lot of money - money that many people don't have.

As a company dedicated to educational equity, Momentech fills the gap in needs by creating solutions that automate routine language teaching process.