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ALULA - An AI that teaches ESL English

ALULA is an AI app for English learners. ALULA features a unique AI English tutor which talks to students. The AI English Tutor is able to teach English grammar, speaking, conversation, and reading skills. They can even hold intelligent discussions with the students.

With ALULA, students no longer just read a text or repeat after a text or video to learn English. They can actively generate a speech and speak it out in order to attain fluency faster.

Why is ALULA needed?

ALULA goes beyond traditional modes of learning such as reading a story, doing fill-in-the-blank exercises, and watching a video. It is a revolutionary system which allows English-as-a-second-language students to talk to an AI English Tutor to attain English fluency.

Conversational fluency requires generating spoken language. This can be attained, not by doing questions on paper or watching other people speak, but by actually speaking to someone. Mastery of a language requires active learning where students turn their original thoughts into original spoken English.

Traditionally, students had only several choices - self-study by doing questions and watching a video, and joining a language class or finding a language partner. While these choices are popular and effective, there has been no choices when it comes to practicing speaking with an app.

ALULA fills this gap - students can practice speaking and improve on his or her fluency with an app at his or her home.

Instruction by AI English Tutor

The AI English Tutor understands students and engage them in conversation.

Active Learning

Students generate original spoken English that is understood by the AI English Tutor, which returns appropriate responses.

Removes the "Shyness" Factor

Because the students are talking to an AI, students don't have to feel nervous about making mistakes.

Practice Speaking

Students practice speaking by using their own words to speak into the app. This mimics the real life experience of talking to someone.

In-depth Discussion

There are variety of topics, ranging from simple topics such as choosing a restaurant to complex ones such as climate change.

Reasonable in Cost

Our product has a reasonable cost, making it accessible for everyone.

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