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Location 1108-250 Consumers Rd. #143, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2J 4V6
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About this project

SKUWITY is an app that helps e-commerce store owners monitor their product details in marketplace websites such as Amazon and Walmart. It is a store shelf monitoring application that reports the changes in pricing and item descriptions in ecommerce marketplaces. Our role was in the development of this app from the planning phase to the deployment.

Client : geekspeak Commerce (Canada)

Tasks : Requirement Analysis, UI/UX Development, Back-end Development, Virtual Machine set up, Testing, Maintenance


Monitoring pricing, availability, and other product information on marketplace websites such as Walmart and Amazon is time-consuming and labour-intensive. geekspeak needed an application that automates the process. Ideally, the system would automatically go to the marketplace, read the product data, record them, aggregate them, and produce a report for e-commerce managers.

The challenge was how to process and organize a large amount of data in a way that doesn't overwhelm the virtual machine and the server.
SKUWITY App channels screenshot

What We Developed

We created a proprietary system that would process the storeshelf items to be monitored efficiently. The system created for geekspeak is able to spread out the monitoring workload and report back the results in easy-to-read format.

The most optimal virtual machine was selected to carry out the monitoring task. It was set up and the newly-created monitoring system was installed. As a result, storeshelf monitoring is now done in a fraction of time.