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Location 1108-250 Consumers Rd. #143, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2J 4V6
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About this project

EffectiveR calculator tool is a scientific tool for designers. It informs them of climate zone-appropriate insulated wall assembly solutions. Its scientific data come from the knowledge and experience of building experts at buildAbility Corp and Canadian Wood Council.

Spanning over more than 5 phases and 7 years, Momentech has been responsible for developing a web-based application for the tool.

Client : buildAbility Corp & CWC (Canada)

Tasks : Requirement Analysis, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Testing, Maintenance


Because the tool requires a set of logical calculations, using a standard CMS (content management system) was not appropriate for the tool. A new tool was needed to easily manage a growing set of assemblies, each with unique characteristics.

The challenge was in implementing the logical calculations and creating a management tool to manage and expand ever-growing sets of rules and assemblies.

What We Developed

We created a custom application that stores and analyzes data and logic statements inputted by building experts. The management tool allows experts to easily create wall assemblies that can be searched and displayed by building designers.

We added various new features to the tool in phases spanning over many years to improve the tool. Currently, over 16,000 wall assemblies with unique characteristics are stored in the tool, and this will expand substantially more in the future using new algorithms.