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Location 1108-250 Consumers Rd. #143, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2J 4V6
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About this project

CabinetApp is a custom-made cabinetry order portal for contractors. We designed and developed an online tool that allows customers to easily build and order their own cabinets. CabinetApp streamlines the purchase process of custom-made products. The seller of the products can easily visualize and manage their orders every step of the way.

Client : CabinetApp Inc. (Canada)

Tasks : Requirement Analysis, UI/UX Development, Back-end Development, Testing, Maintenance


CabinetApp required an order portal for custom-built cabinets. With cabinets, every aspect of the product has to be specified by the customer. This includes dimensions, finishes, components, and more. The UI had to be intuitive so that this building process would seem like a piece of cake.

In addition, the seller team needs a way to manage the orders as they come in. They needed a way to easily communicate order status with the customers and manage any kind of specification changes by customers after the order was placed.
Screenshot of CabinetApp

What We Developed

We developed a custom web app that allows contractors to easily and quickly build their custom cabinets and order them online. The "Build Your Cabinet" page shows the customer a full range of options for the cabinet, allows the customer to choose the options, and calculate the price based on a set of formulas inputted by the seller team.

We also developed a portal for the seller team to streamline the manufacturing and delivery process at every stage. Since the initial launch at 2016, we made incremental improvement to the tool over many phases.